Singapore Insitute of Management Libraries

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the operating hours of SIM library?

SIM Library’s opening hours are:
Monday - Friday: 9.00 A.M to 9.00 P.M
Saturday: 9.00 A.M to 5.00 P.M
Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

What features are available on my Library Account?​

Use your Library Account to:

  • Search and reserve books
  • Review your loan record, due dates and library fines
  • Renew loaned books
  • Check for status of book reservations

How do I book Group Discussion Rooms?

Click here to book Group Discussion Rooms.

What library Services will be available to me after I graduate?

All fresh SIM GE graduates can apply for a free one-year Experience Membership scheme which allows you access to SIM Library and its selected E-resources.

Click here to join the Experience Membership Scheme.

Why are there no shelves in the library? How do I now borrow books?

The SIM Library is now a shelfless library.

At the SIM Library website, simply

  • Search for books via OneSearch
  • Place a request
  • Pick up requested book from the Library Counter or Express Collect Locker after you have received a confirmation email

Click here to watch a video on how to borrow a book.

I am a visitor. Is it possible for me to use your library?

SIM Library services and facilities are only catered to SIM students, SUSS students and SIM Society members.

I cannot log into my Library Account. I am prompted with an error message.

Email the library team at or call us at +65 6248 9601 for assistance.

I lost my item when I was in the library. What should I do?

Email the library team at or call us at +65 6248 9601 for assistance.

I lost a library book. What should I do? How much do I need to pay?

Report it immediately upon discovery to the Library staff.

You will have to pay for the current cost of the missing book and an additional administrative fee of $16.05 (inclusive of 7% GST).

Do note that if you have lost an out-of-print book, you will be charged at a flat rate of $100 (inclusive of 7% GST).

How do I update my particulars with the SIM Library?

Update your contact details such as your phone number and email address at:
SIMConnect or
SUSS Student Portal or
SIM Society Portal

How many books may I borrow at one time?

User Category Borrowing Privileges
Students Undergraduate - Max 6 items
Postgraduate - Max 8 items
Faculty Max 12 items
Members of SIM Society Max 6 items
Staff Max 6 items

What are the library materials that I can borrow?

Collection Loan Duration Request Cancellations Who Can Borrow
Recommended Course Collection (RCC) 3 Days Request will be cancelled if not collected within 1 day Students and Faculty
Course Collection 7 or 21 Days Request will be cancelled if not collected within 2 days All Library Users

What is the loan duration for the library materials?

Collection Loan Duration Request Cancellations Who Can Borrow
Recommended Course Collection (RCC) 3 Days Request will be cancelled if not collected within 1 day Students and Faculty
Course Collection 7 or 21 Days Request will be cancelled if not collected within 2 days All Library Users

How do I search for a book in the library?

Click here to watch a video on how to search for a book.

Click here to use OneSearch (Library Catalogue) to search for a book.

Can I borrow Periodicals from the library?

Due to limited copies of periodicals, these can only be browsed in the library.

I cannot find exam papers for my course. Why?

SIM Library does not keep exam papers.

Visit your university partner’s library website for more information on how to access exam papers.

Exam papers for SUSS courses are available at the SUSS Student Portal.

I can only access an older issue of a journal online. Why?

Our subscription or licensing agreement may not cover the dates that you need. For instance, certain journal articles from the past 1 year cannot be viewed.

How do I know which database to use for my course assignment?

Do refer to the E-Resource map on the library website to find a suitable database for your needs.

Click here for the E-Resource map.

How can I connect to E-Resources?

For SIM GE students, click here.
For SIM Society Individual Members, click here.
For SIM Society Corporate Members, click here.

I am required to search for newspaper articles. How can I access?

SIM Library provides users with newspaper databases such as Factiva, Straits Times, Business Times and Financial Times.

Click here to access the E-Resources on SIM Library.

For access to Financial Times, please contact

How do I learn to use the online databases; and search for e-journals and e-books available at the library website?

The SIM Library website provides short videos on how to use the online databases.

Watch these videos on the SIM Library website

  • Select Videos & Guides under E-Resources
  • Under Library Briefing Video, select your university partner.

Can I return my books when the library is closed?

Yes, you can return the books at the 24-hour automated book-drop by the library entrance at SIM HQ.

What items can I return through the book-drop?

All books can be returned through the book-drop.

Notebooks, iPads, Camcorder and Pocket Projector can only be returned at the library counter.

Can I renew my loans?

Collection Loan Duration Renewals
Recommended Course Collection (RCC) 3 Days Not renewable
Course Collection 7 or 21 Days Max 2 renewals

Login to your Library Account to renew book loans.

I cannot renew an item that is checked out to me. Why?

Renewal can be done only if there are no reservations for the item.

Three possibilities for unsuccessful renewals:

  • The item was borrowed today. Renewal will only take effect on the day the book is due for renewal.
  • There is a prior reservation for the item you have borrowed.
  • Recommended Course Collection (RCC) books cannot be renewed.

Can I cancel my book reservation?

Yes! If you change your mind, you can cancel your book reservations online through your Library Account or call the library team at +65 6248 9601.

How can I get a book that the library does not own?

Email your recommendation to the library team at The purchase is subject to library acquisition policies.

How much are the overdue fines?

Collection Loan Duration Overdue Charges
Recommended Course Collection (RCC) 3 Days $2.00 per hour
Course Collection 7 or 21 Days $0.50 per day

How do I pay my overdue fines?

Fines can be paid at the Library Counter via NETS or CashCard.

To settle your fines via PayNow, do email the library team at

How do I access Wi-Fi at SIM Library?

    • E.g. SIMSTUDENT\jtan001
  • SUSS\ (Canvas ID)
    • E.g. SUSS\jtan001

What are the devices available for loan in the library?

Devices Loan Duration Overdue Charges
Notebooks 4 hours $2.00 per hour
Pocket Projector

Are photocopying services available in the library?

Yes, CashCard or EZ-Link card operated self-service photocopier machines are available in the Photocopy Room next to the library.

Click here for the price list.

How do I print a document from the library?

You may print from any of the PCs located in the:

  • Library
  • Photocopy Room (next to the library)
  • Blk B Level 1

Release and collect your printouts at the Print Release Stations located in the Photocopy Room or Blk B Level 1.

Payment methods are via EZ-Link card, NETS FlashPay or QR Code.