Singapore Insitute of Management Libraries

SIM Library E-Resources Appropriate Use Policy

SIM Library subscribes to electronic resources from commercial vendors to support the learning and research needs of the SIM community. Use of these electronic resources are governed by legally binding contracts between SIM Library and the vendors that allow access to SIM students, faculty, employees and other authorised users for non-commercial, non-profit, teaching, learning and research purposes.

By using SIM Library’s electronic resources, you agree:

  • To abide by the conditions set out in the Copyright Act. Violation of the Copyright Act is an offence in Singapore
  • To use the materials/information for non-commercial, non-profit, teaching, learning and research purposes only

You are NOT ALLOWED to:

  • Use robots, download managers, web crawlers, spiders or intelligent agents to access any electronic resources
  • Download excessive amounts of data
  • Allow unauthorised users access to the electronic resources
  • Sell or make commercial use of licensed content

Failure to comply with the policy may result in:

  • Loss of library privileges and disciplinary action for the individual
  • Loss of access to electronic resources for the entire SIM community
  • Committing an offence punishable in accordance to prevailing law