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Vision, Mission


Our Vision

To be a partner in the embodiment of lifelong learning by imagining and realising an innovative learning horizon.

Our Mission

To serve as the catalyst to connect the SIM community with library and information services through multiple platforms.

Our Values

Service: We serve with a smile. We listen to our people and respond in a proactive and timely manner to exceed their expectations.

Inspire: We will inspire our members to use our Library as a place for meeting of minds, in individual and collaborative learning.

Make a Difference: We will make a difference, by meeting the changing needs of our people creatively and innovatively.

The technological advances and the access to global information have changed the expectations of our users. The SIM libraries thus, meets these needs and many more by offering its members information anytime, anywhere, and when needed in multiple formats.We envisage a future where our members will access more and more of the e-Resources. In order to ensure our users maximise the library’s rich collection, specifically the e-Resources, we conduct regular training sessions on effective search skills. You, our members and your needs help us reinforce our core values. We welcome feedback to help us serve you more effectively.

Your Feedback is Important to Us

Compliment a librarian or give us feedback! Forms are available at the library counter and at strategic locations at the SIM buildings for your use. In addition, a Biennial Library User Survey and special polls conducted on a need-to basis, as well as the student evaluations at the end of the semester, help to provide us with insights so that we can better understand how to serve you better. ​