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Research Help


Here’s a quick guide on how to maximise OneSearch. The rest of this section will help you to learn how to conduct research using Library Resources for your assignments/projects.

  • Stage 1 Getting StartedOpen or Close
    Know your Assignment

    The best way to know your assignment is by having a clear understanding of the assignment requirements given by your Lecturer. Reread the instructions several times and understand what is asked of you. If you are doubtful about any aspect of it, don't hesitate to clarify your doubts with your Lecturer. Please don't wait until the very last minute to do your assignment. Plan your time wisely and start doing your assignments as soon as you have received them.

    Select a Topic

    Some of the academic writing assignments come with pre-assigned topics but there are others that allow you to choose a topic. If you allowed to select a topic for your assignment, choose a topic that is of interest to you, and one where you can find enough material to write on. This will keep you motivated when writing your papers. If you topic is too broad, you will be weighed down with too much information and you may not be able to focus. In fact, despite having plenty of material for your essay, you may not be able to answer your question in a straightforward and relevant manner. In addition, you have to start reducing the text to meet the required number of words for your assignment. Thus it is best to narrow your topic for it to be manageable. The narrower the topic, the more focused is your research. Just make sure that you still have enough of material to write on.

    Identify the keywords

    Use keywords, which are present in the research/assignment question, this helps you find relevant articles or books for your topic. Given below is an example of how to identify the keywords for your research. For example if you are working on the topic: "Moral awareness is the most important element of ethical decision making"

    The keywords to use are: Moral / Ethical / Decision making

  • Stage 2 Determine the ResourcesOpen or Close
  • Stage 3 Search for InformationOpen or Close
  • Stage 4 Evaluating Information SourcesOpen or Close
  • Stage 5 Citing Sources & Citation Management ToolsOpen or Close